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Fueling the Biopharmaceutical Industry With Proprietary Syndicated Data and Custom Insights

Life sciences, and associated companies of all sizes, need data that can reveal a brand, uncover an audience, or highlight a market landscape—especially data which can be trended over time to easily identify and track key market dynamics.

For more than 30 years, AnswerSuite from Syneos Health has been providing all of these services and more. From disease and treatment data to share of voice/message tracking and promotional mix trends, AnswerSuite is your data expert in the biopharmaceutical industry.

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AnswerSuite Solutions

We have solutions.

We have answers. A lot of them.

  • PromotionalAnswers

    Market intelligence through promotional spend by channel, share of voice and detail-level indication analytics. Use insights to optimize brand marketing strategy.

  • TreatmentAnswers

    Understand intended drug therapy by condition across patient demographics through the patient-HCP interaction.

  • CustomAnswers

    Strengthen insights from syndicated data to inform custom research, from quick-turn pulse studies to message testing and sales force effectiveness, and everything in between.

AnswersOn Insights

We like to share.

Our AnswersOn Series provides the industry with timely, relevant insights across multiple topics. From reports on physician treatment trends, patient profiling or biopharmaceutical advertising, AnswersOn provides critical answers to your business questions across markets and specialties.

Therapeutic areas are highlighted monthly to provide condition awareness, along with key market characteristics and promotional strategies.


AnswerSuite OncologyAnswers is a NEW quarterly market study providing critical success information—from the mouths of oncologists to marketers—on how to position and promote oncology products.

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Improving Health Equity:
the HCPs perspective

Hear from AnswerSuite's panel of HCPs on ways they believe the biopharma industry can better support their underserved patients.

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AnswerSuite, a Syneos Health company, provides the market intelligence our clients require at every stage of the product lifecycle, including:

  1. NEW — Indication Level Detailing Insights
  2. Market Sizing New Therapeutic Areas
  3. Disease Profiling and Patient Identification
  4. Developing Optimal Promotional Mix Strategies
  5. Tracking Competitive Promotional Efforts
  6. Monitoring SOV and Detail Ratings
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  • A1C

    Patients over the age of 45 are more likely to have higher A1C levels.

    Download/View Report A1C Levels
  • Asthma

    Biopharmaceutical companies spent $799M on personal detailing of asthma brands in 2021.

    Download/View Report Image of lungs
  • Practice Trends

    Psychiatrists, Rheumatologists, and Allergists are seeing the highest percentages of visits remotely in 1Q 2022.

    Download/View Report Image of stethoscope

About Us

We know HCPs.

At the heart of AnswerSuite lies our dedicated panel of HCPs. Comprised of thousands of HCPs across 30 specialties, AnswerSuite offers one of the largest and most comprehensive promotional and treatment audits in the industry. With the ability to observe industry and behavioral trends over time, the continuity provided by our HCP partners allows for insight delivery monthly through our AnswerGenerator.

As the industry continues to evolve, so do we. In our 30 year history AnswerSuite has evolved and grown – from Scott-Levin Associates, Verispan, SDI Health, inVentiv Health and encuity research, what remains is our dedication to insightful market research and our panel of HCPs.

Working as your business partner, our analysts deliver unsurpassed service and insights to achieve your business goals.

Get to know us.

  • Cameron Thompson

    Cameron Thompson

    EVP, Business Intelligence

    With over 30 years’ experience delivering data-driven concepts to biopharma and payers, Cameron leads insights through data strategy.

  • Gina Barbetta

    Gina Barbetta

    VP, Business Development

    [email protected]

    Gina has over 24 years of experience supporting the biopharma industry serving in business development and market research roles.

  • Jennifer Brunner

    Jennifer Brunner

    VP, Business Development

    [email protected]

    With experience on the client and vendor side, Jennifer has over 20 years’ experience serving the industry through a market research lens.

  • Christa Policella

    Christa Policella

    VP, Strategy

    Christa has supported the healthcare industry for 16 years with experience in market research, product management and managed care.

  • Daniel Eliades

    Daniel Eliades

    VP, Technology

    Daniel is a technology expert with 16 years’ experience in designing, developing and implementing technology-based solutions.

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